Skiff History

Fly Fishing Skiff History

     Fly fishing is its own reward. Those who do it know what I mean and those who don’t…well, it could be in your future.  How to get to the right spot to fly fish varies with choices ranging from canoes to a purpose built Fly Fishing Skiff.

     Anglers who fly fish, when not standing knee-deep in water, generally prefer small, light watercraft quite like the picture in your head (i.e. wood canoe, outfitted fisherman with pipe). Durability, balance and fish storage are and always have been of utmost concern when fly fishermen choose a boat. How else to preserve that somewhat distant look while actually fishing and catching? But that was yesterday.

     Now we’re putting baby-boomers, fat leisure time and spiffy equipment with the ergonomic, economic, ecologically-correct sport of fly fishing. And they’re loving it!  They have the resources to do it all over the world and they release what they catch and they know why. And it feels good. Ah, but what about the boat? Today’s waters are just not as friendly to wood canoes as they used to be.


     But that’s okay.  Just as one door closes and the next opens so do great craft give up their finest points as they morph into the next great thing.  And, right here, Dragonfly Boatworks in Vero Beach, Florida, steps or should I say floats into the picture.  The company is known for specialized small craft. Keep in mind we’re still talking light, dry and stable along with ample storage space for stuff…gear, cell phones, binoculars, ipods, etc…so that’s all covered.

The Skiff Materials

     Now the boat, which is no longer wood, is high tech and that’s a good thing.  “Boat” actually might be too broad a term to describe the watercraft. Let’s use skiff.  Dragonfly Boatworks makes them in an assortment of styles and sizes.  They are different yet retain the most wanted features and then some.

Today’s skiff is light, light, light.  Its design, fabrication and ingredients have leapfrogged in the last decade almost showing to the forefront of most-desired shallow water vessel.  Composite construction is key.

Vinatge fly Fishing Skiff

The trendy term is now “micro skiff”.  We just call it the Marsh Hen.  To read more abut the March Hen
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